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*Smut Warning* (Just Cause)

Chris Fronzak/(Y/N) Smut (Requested)

Inspired By: Lights Out, ATTILA

      “Fronz! Fronz!” The line of females and a couple males screamed as Chris walked past the tour buses. I looked over, my heart beating as I waited in line for Warped. 

      Going to Warped is an annual thing and when I saw that ATTILA was coming my heart sank, but I knew I had to go anyways. I dated Fronz in high school and I highly doubt he remembers me. Part of me wants to take the chance and other wants to completely forget him. 

      I panicked as I saw him walk farther and farther away. There was only a low street barricade blocking me from him. I could easily jump it and run into his arms. I miss him way too much. I had shifty eyes as lazy venue workers ignored me jumping the barrier. Angry fan girls shouted at me as I bolted down the line towards him.

      I stealthily followed him. You could basically say I’m stalking him. He was standing in front of a maintenance building where his bus was parked. I was a few buses away and decided to play it cool.

      “Hey, Chris!” I joyfully and casually began to walk over. His band mates were giggling. Chris lifted his glasses to see who I was. (GIF Image)

      “Dude, who is that?” Nate whined.

      “I think that’s (Y/N)?” I heard him say as I was a few feet away.

      “It’s been years!” I smiled, stopping in front of them.

      “Damn.” I heard Sean mutter under his breath.

      “Yeah, yeah it has!” Fronz blushed and gave me an awkward hug. “You’re beautiful.” He grabbed at his pants, shifting himself, a typical man thing to do.

      “Thanks.” I blushed and looked at the pavement. 

      “How’d you get back here?” Linck wondered.

      “I jumped the barrier. I just had to see you.” I answered to Fronz.

      “Well then.” He gave me a crooked smile. “Come with me.” He walked away and I followed close behind. We entered the bus.

      “Take one of these. I’d like to see you more today.” He handed me an All Access pass. My heart raced as I put it around my neck. It was red and colorful with the ATTILA logo on it. 

      “Are you serious?” I nearly squealed.

      “Yeah, I’d like to catch up with you after the show. Meet me back here after it.” He smiled, patting my shoulder.

      “When is it?” I wondered.

      “It’s at two thirty.” He smiled at me. “You were beautiful then and you’re beautiful now.”

      “You keep going on about that.” I rolled my eyes, face turning different shades of red. 

      “Well, it’s true.” He whined at me.

      “Then why’d you leave me?” I mumbled with glossy eyes.

      “I had to, we got signed and I can’t hold you back.” He placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

      “Take me with you.” I whispered.

      “With how bad it was then, no way. You’d get hurt.” Fronz shook his head, pulling me into a hug as I burst into tears over every memory.

      “Chris.” I mumbled, looking up at him. He looked back down dreamily.

      Without another word he drew me in. Our lips collided, mashing together in ways I never had before. His fingers dug into my back in our tight embrace, walking me backwards towards the couch. I fell back as we never parted. He gave needy groans between kisses as I quickly pulled my pants down with his hand flying under my shirt, massaging my nipples.

      “Oh, baby, please.” He begged, our lips rubbing against each other as we moaned in need.

      “Fuck me, Fronz.” I bucked my hips up to him. He shook out his head and dove to my lips again, biting my bottom lip.

      His hands flew to my sex, vigorously rubbing on me, sending my body into ecstasy. My neck was throbbing into a deep purple shade as his lips attacked down my body, lifting my shirt. It seemed as if time stopped as soon as he gave my clit that first kiss. It sent me back to high school when we fucked in the light booth of the auditorium. His fingers ran through my hair as his tongue worked wonders. My legs wrapped themselves over his back, forcing him deeper in along with his fingers joining. Combined, I lost myself in the feeling, I was sixteen again. 

      “Chris…fuck me more.” I begged in a whisper. My back was arched and my hand pressed into his head. 

      He came up, a smirk growing on his face as he scooped me up and flipped me onto my hands and knees. His thumbs dug into my back dimples and his member thrusted into me with as much force that he could muster. I never could adjust to his length, even when he was slow. Our slapping skin echoed throughout the bus, covered by our filled up moans. Snickering became louder and louder with our sounds. Fronz’s hands rubbed up my back, squeezing my body tight on the way back down, feeling up my figure. I could feel my skin turning red as sweat dripped off my body. I felt myself unravel beneath him. I collapsed, my face leaning on the upholstery. He gave a growl-like giggle as he pulled out.

      I sat up and he scooted closer to me. I grasped his member and began stroking, looking up at him with angelic eyes. He gave a crooked smile as his hand gently guided my head and mouth onto him. I could taste myself on him as his sighs grew louder and louder. I worked the shaft part that my throat couldn’t hold as I sucked nice and tight. Short time later I felt his sticky, warm seed fill my mouth and I swallowed as I did that night in high school.

      “Like I said. We need to catch up.” Fronz pulled away and started getting dressed. “Stay here if you like, but I’ve got a show in another hour.” He winked. “I hope to see you when I get back.” He bolted out the door.

      I sat there alone and half naked in the ATTILA tour bus. I was frozen…and in need.

Victims Of Time


*Fluff Warning* (Distance) *Smut Warning* (Make-Up)

Chris Ceruilli/(Y/N) Fluff/Smut (Requested)

Inspired By: Burned At Both Ends, Motionless In White

      I sat at home, Chris by my side, staring blankly at the glowing television. Chris was leaving for tour in a week and I felt nothing. If anything I almost felt relief even though it saddened me how badly we’d grown apart over the years. 

      “The guys want you to go on tour.” Chris mumbled, eyes not leaving the television.

      “Really? Why’s that?” I looked at him. Oh how I longed to patch things up. I want the spark. I’m still in love with him, but God how boring we are to each other any more.

      “I don’t know. They just like you.” He shrugged, not even glancing. That kind of hurt.

      “Great.” I sighed, looking back at the glow.

      Over the next week I packed my bags. I was not prepared to spend six months on a crowded tour bus in my state with Chris and our relationship. I really hope this goes okay and I don’t end up on a public bus heading back home. One can only hope.

      “This is going to be the best tour ever.” Ryan shook his head, pouring himself a a shot. We were all celebrating on the bus, the bus itself in motion towards the first venue.

      “Why’s that?” Devin chuckled, sitting at the little dining table with Chris.

      “Alcohol, easy girls, great music.” Ryan rolled his eyes as he leaned on the counter with me. “The usual.”

      “That’s…classy.” Josh laughed, stretching out on the couch.

      “What about you and (Y/N), Chris? Lots of bus sex?” Ryan waved his eyebrows suggestively. Chris exchanged an awkward look between Ghost and I. (GIF Image)

      “That’s kind of a weird question.” Devin spoke up. Ryan just shrugged and turned to pour another shot.

      “I think you should be careful. You need to perform tomorrow.” Chris warned. I squished in the seat next to him, hoping to get more of his attention. 

      “(Y/N), you’re a little close, honey.” He lightly tried to push me away.

      “Chris, we need to talk.” I whispered in his ear so none of the boys could hear.

      “I know we do.” He said aloud.

      “Secret planning?” Devin lifted an eyebrow.

      “I wish.” I leaned on my elbow, defeated. I got up and proceeded to the bunk I shared with Chris to sulk. Was this it for my relationship? 

      “Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?” I heard hushed yelling through my tears.

      “I-I just have never been so serious with someone before.” I heard Chris reply. “I really love her…I do.” I perked up to listen carefully.

      “That’s great. Don’t fucking ignore her!” It was Ghost. He always knew how to treat girls well.

      “Well…what do I do?! I mean, I love the girl and I definitely don’t mean to isolate her…but I don’t…I’m not familiar with giving love. I can fuck…but I can’t make love.” Chris got a little louder.

      “Oh man.” I heard Ryan chuckle.

      “Is this real?” Ricky gave attitude. “I feel like I’m in a chick flick.”

      “Yeah, but…I’m a harsh guy. Don’t girl like that fluffy bunny crap?” Chris was genuinely confused.

      “Just be gentle.” I heard Devin speak in a normal tone.

      “Shh!” Chris shushed his friend angrily. “Not right now!”

      “Yes, right now!” Ryan aggressively laughed. “We’ll get out of here.”

      “I don’t…no, what if I fuck up?!” I heard them getting closer. They must be shoving him towards the bunk. Suddenly, complete silence after a door slam.

      “(Y/N)?” I heard him. I turned around and saw him peaking from the curtain. 

      “Yeah?” I sniffled. 

      “Are you okay?” He scooted in next to me. 

      “I just don’t think you love me anymore.” I lied, I obviously know now.

      “Baby, no way. I love you with everything I have! I just have a horrible way of showing it.” He blushed nervously, stroking hair from my face.

      “You’re doing a good job right now.” I mumbled, staring into his glistening eyes.

      “Really?” He furrowed his brow, laughing slightly. I nodded gently.

      “Make love to me, Chris.” I caressed the side of his face. He gave me a nervous sigh for he was always rough and uncaring before.

      He slid on top of me, kissing my lips gently. He moved down to my neck, grinding his hips into me. I gripped the sheets from the growing goosebumps as he kissed down my collarbone, removing my camisole straps. Chris pulled my shirt all the way down, I wiggled it off down my legs, accidentally pulling my shorts and underwear down with them. 

      Chris sat on his legs as he kissed down my stomach, my hands tangled into his long, black hair. My hips buckled towards him, accidentally forcing him to kiss my clit. He was shocked at first but gave me a devilish grin as he went back down and started sucking on it. He played with me in his mouth, his tongue moving in many different directions. I felt his warm fingers stretch into my wet core. He curled them up and down, pressing gently into my g-spot. 

      “Am I doing good?” He looked up at me angelically. I smiled and laughed between my own moans. Chris smiled back and resumed. 

      With my knot at it’s peak, he came back up to kiss my neck, undoing his pants with a free hand. His steady, loud breathing could only turn me on. As soon as his member sprang free he gave a moan of relieve in my ear. I felt him carefully line up and press into me. With how slow he was going, I swear that he was going to finish me quicker than normal. Chris being romantic was irresistible. 

      “Chris, you’re so amazing!” I moaned out loud. He growled in my ear, I knew he was dying to be rough. “Don’t stop, baby, please!” I whined. 

      “I’m not.” He was still going slow and pressing hickies into my neck. 

      “Harder, please!” I was starting to get bored, my knot dying to be unraveled.

      “Are you sure?” He paused, sitting up and looking at me. I nodded vigorously. Chris smirked.

      His thrusts were powerful enough to rock the bus with my legs wrapped around his hips and pressing him in closer. Chris was basically the perfect fuck now that he knew how to fuck slowly. 

      “I’m gonna’ cum.” He warned me. 

      “I’m close, too.” I sighed, digging my nails into his back. Chris winced and quickly pulled out of me. He heaved over, breathless.

      “That…was…great.” He smiled at me, his face red with exhaustion.

      “I agree.” I was flat and spread out, sweaty pouring out of my body. The bunk smelled of sex.

      “I love you. I promise.” He whispered, his beautiful eyes looking into my soul.

      “I love you, too.” 

isniffherondales asked:

Random Question: Did you ever share your fanfic with people at school? Did any people at school knew/know about your fanfic? (Curious since I was known as the crazy fangirl who would write smutty fanfictions throughout my middle school years cx)

The only fan fiction I ever brought to school was a bible. No, but seriously. I never shared any of my weird things to my friends because at the time I thought that the way I acted was wrong. Nowadays I embrace the weird and now my family and boyfriend know I write this shit. I even force my boyfriend to read them. If that’s not awkward, I don’t know what is.

I Lived A Fan Fiction…Twice!

First one, my friend has no idea who Pierce the Veil or any of those bands is. First it was a friends-with-benefits with Oliver Sykes. I ended up meeting Vic and I had a threesome with them. Then I ‘broke up with him’. So then basically I told him that I was dating this guy in a band named Vic. He was really jealous cause this guy’s like in love with me. I’d give him graphic deals of the ‘sex’ I would have. I even told him about cheating with Tony. I even sent him home-taken pictures of them to convince him. At one point I said I was accidentally pregnant. Then I had lost the baby. This went on for like three months because he’s a dumbass and I have a very strange sexual history anyways. He still thinks I dated Vic and stuff. X’D The second one is when I romanced Brad Brunazzi in a Hot Topic. That’s how I know Arcane Haven other than his slut of a sister that I graduated high school with. She cheated on my best friend! D: Also, got me some Kuza in a Hot Topic, but I don’t really like him so that’s unimportant.

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