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I Can Still Feel You, Part Three

*No Warning* (Finale)

Austin Carlile/Oliver Sykes/(Y/N) Fan Fiction (Requested)

Inspired By: Purified, Of Mice & Men

(A/N): Picture does not apply because it’s fucking hard to find pictures for these damn things. Anyways, Oliver’s a sexy beast.

      I felt like two months, as short as it is, would feel like two years. The year I shared over the web with Austin seemed fast. I remember everything so vividly. I desired badly to move to the states, but on my salary alone, I cannot afford it. I don’t think Oliver would help me because he doesn’t want to live with Hannah yet even though they’re engaged. I sure as hell am not asking my boyfriend to get me a place either and I’m too nervous to ask to move in with him. All I know is that I’m in a major predicament. 

      “Why do you keep moving? It’s annoying.” Oliver grouched as we tried to watch our evening shows. I was continuously tapping my legs up and down.

      “Sorry.” I paused but had the major urge to start again.

      “What’s your deal?” Oliver angrily adjusted in his seat, his face glowing from the dim lamp light and the static of the television.

      “Austin hasn’t called yet.” I mumbled.

      “So, the night’s still young. He’s probably doing something important…like sleeping.” He pointed out.

      “But Russia isn’t that far away. He should be calling like he always does.” I panicked.

      “(Y/N), calm down. He probably doesn’t realize the time. Time schedules fuck all of us up.” Oliver rested a hand on my thigh. I looked up at him gently.

      “I’m sorry, Oli.” I sighed, relaxing, my body slumping over in the chair. “I really miss Austin already. I don’t know what it is.”

      “Jesus, I shouldn’t’ve invited them over.” Oli rolled his eyes.

      “Oh my God, where would I even be?!” The panic rose again. I would be lost, bored, and stuck in a daily routine!

      “(Y/N)! Stop!” Oli yelled, his brow severely furrowed.

      “Sorry.” I shriveled up in my chair, knees to my chest. I gave him a sad look.

      “No, I’m sorry.” Oliver sighed, pushing my knees down and scooting closer to me. “Come here, I’ll help you relax.” He always knew how to cheer me up.

      “I don’t know about this.” I mumbled, staring at the screen and feeling his chest rise and fall as he breathed.

      “What’d ya’ mean?” He looked down at me, his face sunken back as I was right under his neck.

      “You might do something.” I squinted my eyes and sat up.

      “Like what?” He asked me, face unchanging.

      “I don’t know…you know!” I complained.

      I almost was unable to finish my sentence as Oliver’s lips smashed into mine violently. I was taken aback. He groaned needily as my fist pounded helplessly on his chest. I was grunting, trying to tell him to get off. His mouth was warm and tasted vegan.

      “Like that?” Oliver gave me a smug look as he leaned back away from me, relaxing.

      “You’re so fucking proud of yourself.” I stood up. “That’s it, Sykes!” 

      “What?!” Oli sat up, worried. “Don’t be sour!”

      “Oh, I’m going to be fucking sour!” I yelled. “I’m calling Austin now and moving to the states! You’re on your own!”

      “(Y/N), please, don’t!” He plead, following me as I stormed to my room and started throwing things in an open suitcase I hid under my bed.

      “This is what I wanted to begin with, Oli. You and Hannah are getting married. It’s time you move with her. I’ll give you two months.” I mumbled.

      “Two months?” He shouted at me as I held my ringing phone with my shoulder. 

      “Fine.” Oliver gave in and walked away.

      “Hello?” Austin’s groggy voice was heard.

      “Hey!” I said pleasantly. “Can I move in with you to the states?”

      “Sure, but can I ask why all the sudden?” Austin giggled happily.

      “Oliver and I are fighting.” I mentioned quietly.

      “Say no more. I’ll have you outta’ there in two months, baby.” Austin assured me. 

      “Great.” I smiled wide and hung up.

*Two Months Later*

     The two months unexpectedly went fast. I was waiting in an airport, Oliver and Hannah sadly by my side. Austin was holding me tight as I clung to his body. 

      “I guess this is goodbye for a while.” Hannah smiled gently. I nodded, hugging her. We became best friends over time.

      “Oliver.” I said plainly. “Come here.”

      “What? So you can slap me?” He grouched, staring at the ground.

      “No, so I can hug you.” I whispered happily. He walked towards me in a sweet embrace, I kissed his cheek as we parted.

      “Now as the plane is being boarded…I have one more thing to add.” Austin smiled down at me. I gave him a confused look.

      “Oh shit.” Oliver covered his mouth from laughter. Hannah was biting her lip.

      “(Y/F/N).” Austin got down on one knee, still tall. “Will you marry me?” A ring without a box came out of his back pocket. 

      I nodded severely as tears poured out and covered my face. My hand flew to my mouth as my left had a bright, diamond ring on it. 

      “I love you.” Austin’s breathing was out of order.

      “I love you, too.” I whimpered, voice shaking. Not only was I headed to the states…I was Austin Carlile’s fiancée.

Vic’s gettin’ it good and Jaime’s not doing a very good job on Tony.

Vic’s gettin’ it good and Jaime’s not doing a very good job on Tony.

I Can Still Feel You, Part Two


*Smut Warning* 

Austin Carlile/Oliver Sykes/(Y/N) Fan Fiction (Requested)

Inspired By: Space Enough To Grow, Of Mice & Men

(A/N): I think that there can be more to this series. Something pushing the relationship further. I dunno’ we’ll see if it’s requested. Again, no GIF for the thing, but they sure are cuties…

     Time flew by and our one year anniversary passed. OM&M’s new album dropped and at this point, I knew they were planning a tour…probably an American one. 

      My mind fluttered every night before bed, thinking of that first date. I remember what he said, and at this point, with all of our texting, love truly has blossomed…and also the need.

      Every night as I bathed and if Austin wasn’t sexting me, I’d use the shower head and think about what it’d be like to fuck his brains out. Oliver often complains of the moans coming out of the shower, mainly that they tease him or force him to blow a load into a sock because Hannah never takes care of that anymore. Too bad for him, I don’t like him…I love Austin. 

      “Hey, beautiful.” I heard Austin’s demented voice from over the phone. It was morning where he was.

      “Hey, I miss you.” I mumbled, tears welled in my eyes as they always would.

      “I miss you, too.” Austin mentioned. “Guess what.” His voice was instant.

      “What?” A smile crept onto my face.

      “The tour dates are set.” 

      “Really? Where are you going?” My heart was pounding, I needed to see him.

      “Well, bad news is, it’s only in America and parts of Canada.” His voice saddened.

      “Oh.” I gulped, choking on my tears. “Any good news?”

      “Yes, actually.” He perked up. “We’re about to announce the European leg of the tour.” 

      “You…you mean here? I get to see you soon?” I was almost jumping and Oliver was giving me a nasty look from the couch. He hated when I’d interrupt his late night shows.

      “That’s right, my lovely lady.” He faked an accent. It never ceased to make me laugh.

      “When?!” I panicked a little.

      “About six months from now.” Austin said quietly.

      “I’ve waited so long already, I know I can make it another six months.” I was determined.

      “Good. I plan on fucking your brains out, so make sure Oliver’s out of the apartment before I get there.” His voice was growly.

      “Can’t wait.” I bit my lip.

      “Okay, we’ll I’ve got to go into work now. I love you.” I could hear the smile.

      “Love you, too.” I smiled and hung up.

      “He coming over here?” Oliver sipped from a beer, staring at the glow of the television.

      “Yep.” I said confidently, plopping down next to him.

      “He gon’ fuck you?” Oliver smiled towards me, looking me up and down.

      “Yes, but you’re not going to be there.” I knew he planned on getting off to it.

      “It’s my place, too!” He whined.

      “I had it first.” I mumbled, my mind floating away…dirty imagining again.

*Six Months Later*

      I was waiting at the airport. Their first stop on the European tour was the UK and then when the tour was over, Austin was going to fly in for another week.

     I was waving a sign with OM&M’s name on it as I saw people start to come through the terminal. I was overly excited.

      “Hey!” Phil greeted first. I never really got to know the other members, so it was weird.

      “Missed ya’, (Y/N).” Tino patted me on the shoulder as they all started to pass to get their luggage.

      “We’ve heard everything about you.” Alan whispered in my ear creepily. I gave a concerned face.

      “Don’t worry about Alan, he’s crazy.” Aaron reassured me. 

      “There she is.” I saw Austin standing in the distance.

      I dropped the sign and ran towards him. His long arms clasped around me tightly as he spun me around. It was as if we knew this feeling forever even though it was just once before. 

      “I missed you so much.” I nuzzled into his chest as he set me down.

      “I’ve missed you, too.” He kissed my hair, his arms around me.

      “When’s the show?” I wondered.

      “Tomorrow night.” He winked. That’s when I knew it…I was going to get destroyed tonight. The others snickered with evil laughter as they had come back from the luggage place.

“So that means…” I looked up at him for confirmation. He nodded slowly with a devilish smirk. I gulped heavily.

      I took Austin back to our apartment after he got into his hotel. Oliver was waiting with an all-knowing look on his face, leaning on the back of the arm of the couch. 

      “Hey guys.” Oliver greeted suspiciously.

      “Oh, hey.” Austin said nonchalantly.

      “Oliver was just about to go…visit Hannah.” I politely started speaking. “Right, Oliver?” I hissed through my teeth angrily.

     ”Oh yeah, sure, sure.” He nodded, starting to get off the edge of the couch and heading for the door. 

      “Now what should we do next?” Austin gently started holding my waist, his head heading towards my neck.

      “Don’t hit your head on the headboard!” Oliver shouted, grabbing his coat and startling us both.

      “Fuck you!” I shouted as he slammed the door.

      “Ignore him.” Austin whispered in my ear, his lips brushing against my neck.

      “I’m so nervous.” I said quietly, my voice shaking.

      “Don’t be.” He held my face in his palms as he stared me deep in the eyes. I guess long distance is legit.

      I nodded slightly, my body shaking unnoticeably. His face yet again slid past and started nibbling on my neck. I felt my knees get weak and collapse, forcing me onto the arm of the sofa. His lips moved to mine and we began to move in sync. I peeked through our kiss and he was undoing his jeans. I watched them fall to his ankles as my nervousness grew. 

      “Are you okay?” He pulled away. I nodded silently. “Well then, let me help you.” He stepped out of his jeans and kicked them away. 

      His hands gently slipped off the straps of my camisole as my hands nervously thumbed off my short shorts. Austin’s mouth trailed down my free collar bone and started working down. My heartbeat quickened as he gripped my panties and looked up at me as if asking for permission.

      “Are you sure about this?” He asked on his knees. I took a deep breath and nodded. We’d been dating a year, it was time.

      He pulled my panties down and now I was only in my bra. I blushed and quickly took it off. His hands quickly gripped my breasts hard as he kissed my clit. 

      “Fuck, Austin.” I gritted my teeth. I was extremely needy.

      “Sit there.” He commanded, helping me onto the arm of the chair even further.

      I could only see his nose and up as he devoured me. I felt a knot build up, a feeling I had never felt before. His spit was warm as his tongue darted around inside. One hand moved towards my sex. Without seeing, I felt a sharp feeling of pleasure as his fingers entered me. I felt him curl and dig his way into me, humming and giving his own satisfied moans. I was hyperventilating as screams erupted from the growing knot.

      “How was that?” Austin stood up and held my chin tightly. My lips were distorted from his strength.

      “Amazing.” I sighed happily, my eyelids lulling open and closed in lust. 

      “How’re you going to even the score?” He lifted an eyebrow. 

      I looked up at him nervously, slowly making my way to my knees as he backed up. I grasped the member that was peeking through his boxer briefs and revealed it. I giggled excitedly as his length was more than I expected. I didn’t know what to expect anyways…he was six feet plus tall!

      “Oh damnit.” I heard him hiss as he gripped my hair. My mouth was sliding down his shaft. 

      My tongue swirled around, trying to find a place to fit. My lips curled inward so my teeth wouldn’t hurt him. I paused, ready to come back out. I nearly choked as he pressed it in further. He gave a whimper, looking up I noticed his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth hanging open. I squinted my eyes in devilish happiness. I bobbed as tight and quick as I could until he suddenly backed out.

      “Something wrong?” I grinned crookedly. He giggled nervously and shook his head.

      “Just come here, you.” He pushed me back on the couch and crawled over top of me. 

      Lining up, he shoved into me as quickly as he could. I screamed loudly at the feeling. I swear he was about to pierce my vital organs. He propped himself tall on the couch, towering above me. His forehead was my only view as he did work on me. 

      Austin was harsh but loving all in one token. I didn’t know to moan happily relaxed or scream at the tingling, pleasurable pain. His grunts only turned me on more, knowing that I was doing him right as well.

      “Just a little longer.” I promised him. He gave me a crooked smile, sweating from his furious thrusting.

      “I’m about to cum.” He nodded, agreeing with my feeling.

      “Do it.” I urged him.

      “Are you sure?” He gave me a worried look.

      I nodded and bit my lip as my legs wrapped around and shoved him in further. He shouted out loudly and shuttered. I knew he had done it. He thrusted gently a few times and backed out. 

      “Did you?” I asked. He nodded, scared. “All the way?” He continued.

      As he dressed I quickly ran to the shower and tried to get all of his orgasm out of me. I shouldn’t let my ecstasy do the talking. I had missed my birth control this morning, too. That’ll be something I’ll worry about later if it happens.

      “Enjoy yourselves?” Oliver walked in later in the evening, Hannah at his side. I was cuddling with Austin on the couch. We both gave him a devilish look. 

       Time went on and Austin had to leave. I was saddened worse than when he left the first time. I only had to wait two more months for his return and I am more than eager.

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